Top 10 Industry Leaders Of 2022

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The key to staying at the top of your industry is largely down to moving with the times. ‘Adapt or perish,’ as the old adage goes. 

The following 10 titans have not only reinvented themselves, but also provided a foundation for future generations to preserve the message of mindfulness, progression, and sustainability – in innovative ways.

Here are the ‘Top 10 Industry Leaders of 2022.’

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  1. Hip Hop Mogul Turned Self-Help Guru, Russell Simmons Is An Inspiration To A New Generation 

Russell Simmons changed the music industry as we knew it when he co-founded Def Jam Records in 1984. He co-produced the first ever gold-certified hip-hop single and gold-certified hip-hop album, and his transformative New York City based record label put on global artists like Justin Bieber, Nas, Rihanna, and many more. 

Beyond that, Simmons is a powerhouse entrepreneur, four-time best-selling author, founder of several successful clothing lines including Phat Farm, Argyleculture, and Tantris, and most recently, has stepped into the role of self-help guru.

Simmons is one of the founders of Gdas Bali, a stunning health and wellness resort where individuals are invited to look within and focus on the positive energy the beautiful island has to offer. From his paramount contributions to the music industry, to his passion for helping others, Russell Simmons is an inspiration to many in a lot more ways than one.

2. Michael Acton-Smith, Co-Founder Of Calm: A Force For Happiness  

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Michael Acton-Smith blends tech with an ancient mindful practice – making an ever-growing library of guided meditations available through the Calm app. The Co-founder and co-CEO of Calm, Acton-Smith’s work has made the power of mindfulness accessible to everyone from Kundalini experts to novices.

Acton-Smith was coming off the success of his online web browser game, Moshi Monsters, when he found his mind bound up by the stresses of entrepreneurial life. He found calming relief in guided meditations – but there wasn’t a consolidated place in which to find them!

Acton-Smith, along with co-founder Alex Tew, developed the Calm app to be that place. Today, over 4 million paid users use Calm for its many guided meditations, sleep stories, and music. The results show: data collected by the Center For Humane Technology revealed that Calm was the world’s happiest app. Michael Acton-Smith has brought this happiness – and is a top entrepreneur for it.

3. Founder Of GirlBoss Sophia Amoruso, Challenging The Status Quo With Her Community-Building Brand 

Sophia Amoruso is the all original girlboss. Having coined the term in 2014, she has since built a thriving community of individuals keen on shifting the narrative, and challenging the status quo.

 Amoruso is the founder of the Girlboss Foundation through which she holds conferences, networking opportunities, and community building events. Her autobiography of the same title flew off shelves in 2014, making her a New York Times best-selling author overnight. 

In 2017, Netflix adapted her book into a series that followed the busy entrepreneur’s multi-million dollar fashion empire, Nasty Gal. Founded in 2006, the company was named as the “Fastest Growing Retailer,” in 2012 by INC Magazine and made an estimated $100 million dollars in revenue at its peak. 

Amoruso is an award winning serial entrepreneur and business maverick. And her next adventure involves helping young startups scale their businesses through Business Class

4. The Master Of Manifestation: Regan Hillyer Is Helping Her Clients Achieve Their Dreams … On Their Terms 

Regan Hillyer has mastered the craft of manifestation and has fully tuned herself to spirituality, earning the title of the World’s #1 Female Manifestation Expert And Teacher.

Founder of Regan Hillyer International and with over 15 years of experience, Hillyer is running the world of manifestation. She helps people achieve what they want on their own terms and in whatever way that may look like for them through online training, live events, and speaking. 

In addition to creating one of the world’s most successful manifestation techniques – the Energetic Architecture Method™, being an accumulation of everything she has learned over the years – Hillyer also has multiple books available to the public, including: Change Your Life In 3 Minutes, Be Your Brand, and Activating Abundance: Fifty-Two Codes to Unlock Abundance in Every Area of Your Life, Hillyer makes her expertise available for all to acquire.

5. Stephan Ouaknine, Founder Of CleanTech Investment Fund Inerjys, Blazes Trail For Climate Change Solutions 

Visionary Entrepreneur and Investor, Stephan Ouaknine, is a business magnate, a passionate advocate for the environment, and a defender of future generations. 

As Founder and Managing Partner of Global Clean Energy Investment Firm, Inerjys, Ouaknine channels over 20 years of proven experience in investing and entrepreneurship into streamlining the integration of renewable energy and sustainable solutions that will change the world!

The ability to conceive big ideas and the acumen to execute them quickly make this Montreal native a powerhouse in every avenue of business, lending to his three successful exits of telecommunications companies prior to founding Inerjys in 2011. 

Ouaknine is dedicated to supporting cutting edge clean technologies, taking the stage to speak at international events including COP 21 in Paris, C2 Montréal, Clinton Global Initiative, and Rio World Green Summit.

To learn more about how Stephan Ouaknine is powering a better world, visit

6. Alexander “The Great” Gonzales, Using Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, To Help People Find Better Health – And Wealth 

Once Alexander Gonzales took the initiative to “step into his power” he unleashed the ability to transform his health, losing an incredible 84lbs and building a 7-figure business along the way. 

Affectionately coined Alexander “the Great,” the host of the Breakfast With Champions Club is such a massive proponent of a Keto-based diet that he dubbed himself a “Ketopreneur.” His dedication to helping others achieve the same level of transformation as he did has led him to a $6m+ business and heralded as one of the top weight loss mentors in North America. 

Gonzales preaches self-love as a precursor to love as once you’re able to move past trauma and self-doubt, you’ll find your path in life. 

The Social Audio Influencer asks his clients the same question he asked himself for many years; “What are you prophesying about yourself?” To find your answer, you’ll have to DM him “84.” 

  1. BoneCoach™ Founder Kevin Ellis Is Helping Women Build Stronger Bones & Lead Healthy, Active Lives 

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Osteoporosis “Thriver,” Kevin Ellis, is the founder of BoneCoach™. With one in two postmenopausal women set to have osteoporosis during their lifetime, his company seeks to help women with the disease move from a life of fear and worry to a life of empowerment and confidence.

At the age of 31, Ellis found himself spiralling out of control when he was diagnosed with osteoporosis. With a young daughter and son on the way, he knew he had to change his fate.

Out of his struggle and journey to find answers, his company BoneCoach™ was born. Since then, Ellis has transformed his own health and now helps Bone Coach clients and community members get the conditions right in their bodies for stronger bones. 

Under Kevin Ellis’ guidance, his team at BoneCoach™ have helped people with osteopenia and osteoporosis in over 1500 cities worldwide take back their futures. 

For more information, visit

  1. Andrew Martin – Expert In The Business Of Storytelling

It’s been an incredible year for this ghostwriter-turned-entrepreneur. Andrew Martin has collaborated with NFL greats like Roy Williams and Curtis Lofton, in addition to working with Regina Tisdale: wife of the late NBA veteran Wayman Tisdale.

Through projects like these, Martin has uncovered a winning model for transforming stories into books – becoming the missing link for many influential people looking to get their story out into the world.

Martin shares his impactful process for storytelling through his company, Multiplyze Global. An inspirational speaker, ghostwriter, and story mentor, Martin hasn’t just helped countless clients tell their stories, he’s equipped them to position their books as the answer to the questions that their audiences, clients, and following are asking.

Books are a proven tool for getting a message out to the world – yet many don’t even know where to start with their story. Fortunately, Andrew Martin of Multiplyze Global is just a free discovery call away. 

  1. Crypto-Currency King: Julian Rodriguez Is Changing The World With His New App

Julian Rodriguez has made sharing crypto-currency even easier. The Dominican Republic native has developed an app by the name of Momento NFT  with the purpose of creating an easier way for celebrities and influencers to turn their short-form videos into NFTs for fans to collect and sell to other fans. Through this, Rodriguez has given a platform for people with large followings a direct way to interact with their fans in an unimaginable manner. 

With a background in tech from a young age, Rodriguez realized early on his passion for gaming and creating, and manifested it into what the Momento App has become today. With the purpose of letting creativity loose, Rodriguez is a master at NFT sharing and has proved his mastermind abilities through the creation of an app with the sole purpose of crypto-mining and is changing the future of NFT sharing as we know it. 

  1. How Three Powerful Women Are Destined To Change Billions Of Lives With Divine Healing And Activation 

Dr. Brandie Dingman, Ashley Gardener, and Fatou Pruitt are three astounding women that make up the Billionaires Triad, a group that heals, activates, transforms, and ascends humanity around the world and throughout Gaia. 

The trio heals people’s minds, bodies, and souls by activating ancient energies for clearing, purification, and blockage removal. Their divine purpose is to release ancient karmic ties and ancestral suffering to restore and raise the collective vibration to help individuals gain clarity and motivation to take action towards their goals. 

The aspiring NY Times best-selling authors have channeled for 5000 people globally, collectively activated 2000 individuals’ spiritual gifts, healed the land of the ancestors at the Canyon of the Ancients in Colorado, and have helped over 1 million souls transition in America, Canada, and Bermuda. 

To stay informed about The Billionaires Triad, follow their Instagram and support their transformational work.

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