A Branding Opportunity: Industry Pages For Law Firm Websites

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By Peter Boyd, a Florida attorney who founded PaperStreet. He has helped over 1,500 law firms with their websites, content and marketing.


One of the most common questions we get at the start of a new website project is “Do I need industry pages?” We tell our law firms to consider including industry pages on a law firm website if the firm is new or established and trying to stand out from the competition. When hiring a law firm, clients typically appreciate it when the attorneys are well-versed in each practice area but significantly value it when lawyers have specific experience and knowledge in their particular industry.

Industry Pages As Compelling Differentiators

Highlighting industries the firm specializes in may add value for clients searching for a firm with insight and experience in their industry. This approach can position the firm as a leader in the areas of law it practices and also demonstrates that the attorneys can provide valuable and insightful legal counsel in the specific industry.

Clients will also respect the firm’s ability to provide a holistic view of their industry—since many industries are complex, there is value in a firm with both legal expertise and experience with unique issues and matters that impact a specific industry.

How Can Industry Pages Help Firms Target New Clients?

Including a page for each industry in which the firm has expertise is an excellent way of showing that the attorneys have the necessary knowledge and experience in each sector. These pages can help target and gain new clients by:

Raising Awareness Of The Firm’s Expertise

The pages will draw attention to the firm’s focus on and expertise in specific industries. This will help potential clients realize that the firm is skilled at spotting industry-specific patterns and anticipating challenges that are likely to occur in the industry.

Improving SEO

Combined with the right marketing strategy and an SEO campaign, industry-specific pages can help improve SEO. Firms can use these pages to show up for searches related to each specific industry in their local area.

Showcasing Expertise And Building Credibility

When a potential client reviews the list of industries served on the law firm’s website, it positions the firm and attorneys as experts in the fields they serve.

Pro Tip: Include a comprehensive list of industries served and keep it updated. This will prevent a potential client from assuming the firm cannot assist them due to a lack of experience in their industry.

Thinking Like A Client

If the firm decides to add industry pages, it’s important to write them based on how their ideal client thinks, talks and searches. Also, ensure that all content is unique on both practice area and industry pages—these pages have some overlap, so be careful to avoid duplicate content.

Practice Area Content

Content on practice area pages should showcase the firm’s experience in that particular practice. Discuss details about the practice area and showcase how the firm can help solve legal problems related to the specific practice area. However, make sure to highlight and link industries so clients can identify which ones are relevant to each practice area.

Industry Content

On industry pages, the content should highlight the attorneys’ unique industry experience and how they can provide expert counsel. When writing each page, it is essential to fully understand the mindsets of clients and develop content that addresses their problems, goals and pain points. This will help firms create a message that will resonate with potential clients.

Just How Critical Are Industry Pages?

Most firms are still focused largely on including practice area pages; however, adding industry pages is something to consider if the firm wants to differentiate itself further. This strategy can set the firm apart from the competition by positioning its attorneys as industry thought leaders and instilling trust in clients by demonstrating that the attorneys are industry experts who can deliver sound legal advice.

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