A Podcasting Pioneer Shares His 3 Biggest Tips for Success

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This week on How Success Happens, I spoke with Bryan Barletta, founder and CEO of Sounds Profitable. He’s had an amazing career, and I was curious to find out about his background, thought leadership and empowering the podcast industry through new research and space at live events.

You can listen to our full conversation above, and I’ve pulled out three key takeaways below.

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Know the importance of buyer relationships

In the podcast, we covered the challenges faced by both Sounds Profitable and the podcasting industry overall over the past three years. Spoiler alert: Podcasting needs more people on the buy side. Of Sounds Profitable’s 150-plus partners, maybe 10 are buyers. The industry has plenty of room to grow and build those buyer relationships.

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Ignore common misconceptions about podcasting

Even if one were to ignore the podcasting boom caused by the pandemic starting in 2020, podcasting’s growth has been healthily trending upwards. The end of the pandemic boom might lead to people needing to upskill, and podcasting’s going to need more “hunters” going out and finding buyers and helping fix these common misconceptions, like “it’s difficult to buy in podcasting.”

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Small shops can accomplish big things

There’s a ton of opportunity in podcasting for people to make small shops and accomplish big things. There’s so much available inventory that anyone who can meaningfully cultivate brand or advertiser relationships enough to bring them into podcasting could find success. There’s plenty of room to become a small agency that properly utilizes tools (be it an ad server, hosting platform or third-party tracking) and delivers a hands-on experience brands can’t find with big companies.

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