Aethir, MetaGravity partnership boosts scalable DePIN gaming development

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The partnership aims to simplify and scale gaming development using DePIN technology, enhancing accessibility and efficiency.

Aethir, MetaGravity partnership boosts scalable DePIN gaming development

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Aethir, a decentralized cloud infrastructure provider, has partnered with MetaGravity, developers of HyperScale Engine, to accelerate the development of decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN).

The partnership aims to improve the 3D internet and the gaming industry through DePIN technology, creating a scalable infrastructure that simplifies gaming development and makes it more efficient and accessible.

In a written Q&A with Cointelegraph, Dan Wang, co-founder and CEO of Aethir, emphasized the goal of the partnership, stating:

“By uniting a global network of underutilized resources, we’re paving the way for a more accessible, immersive and sustainable future for gaming and the 3D internet.”

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Partnership implications on online gaming

The partnership aims to surpass the historical limitations of online gaming by combining MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine and Aethir’s Instaplay pixel streaming solution.

The collaboration is set to enable game developers to scale back-end simulation infrastructure and front-end “cross-device pixel streaming capability” simultaneously.

Tobin Ireland, co-founder and chief business officer at MetaGravity, explained causal partitioning in the Q&A:

“MetaGravity has created a new method of concurrency and parallelism for distributing a massive simulation across multiple servers (called Causal Partitioning), without the scale and cost limitations of the previous approaches.”

Ireland explained that MetaGravity uses mathematical formulations to accurately quantify gameplay interactions, creating infrastructure that “can deliver 100x scale of spatial partitioning at 1/100th of the cost of compute.” 

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Decentralized computation 

MetaGravity and Aethir’s partnership also includes the aim of setting a longer-term research and development roadmap to hasten the adoption of DePINs for gaming.

On the topic of DePIN implication on gaming, Wang stated that:

“DePINs leverage geographically distributed GPU resources, placing processing power closer to users. DePINs are inherently scalable and secure, ensuring smooth operation for even the most demanding games.”

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Ownership and Control

The combined technology of Aethir and MetaGravity aims to develop the third-generation internet, which is characterized by decentralized ownership and control.

Ireland explained that there will be an increased demand for compute power which minimizes latency and network transport costs.

“DePIN infrastructure also has the benefit of decentralized ownership, governance and control.”

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