Capital Status Brings Luxury Marketing for Brands, and We LOVITT!

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Luxury marketing has developed and evolved with the consumer’s changing preferences and has seen different products rise in popularity. There is a striking dissimilarity between luxury products and experiences, and a great percentage of luxury marketing can encompass hotels, resorts, and spas. When endorsing luxury items as short-term experiences, it is even more significant for marketers to appeal to the consumer’s self-regard and craving for pleasure. Apart from the rise in experience-based products, luxury marketing has become progressively universal.

Building and sustaining brand image is the basis of luxury marketing. For a luxury buyer to choose a particular business, there must be an element of reputation and uniqueness that incentivizes the buyer to become part of their customer base. Whether they are marketing foreign designer brands or catering to a specific wealthy demographic in the US, luxury marketers invest significant effort in targeting a specific audience for a product. Maryanne Lovitt is a digital marketer bringing luxury brand marketing through her marketing platform, Capital Status.

Lovitt spent her early life in Los Angeles and says that growing up in such an environment, you had to be strong and determined to pursue what you want. “There are many people who left long-lasting impressions on me, and through their strengths, I learned to trust in myself. Staying humble and true to my dream, I always hustled to prove I can get to where I want to be,” Lovitt says.

Lovitt’s family has always been her motivation for success, which is why she fights so hard to make a name for herself. According to her, her win is the family’s win. “Despite everything I have been through, from losing loved ones to life-changing medical issues to deal with, the drive to become an influential female boss has taken over, and “I LOVITT”, she adds.

Capital Status is a full-service agency with a focus on digital marketing. They specialize in putting brands in front of the right audience, in the right way, at the right time, and go by the tagline “where digital and strategy meet”. In addition, the agency develops brands’ look on social media, supports their clients, scales their brands to their preferred levels, and their top-notch social strategy alters the game for their client’s online presence. The agency also helped many social media pages develop from under 1,000 followers to over one million.

The digital marketing agency highlights your brand’s social presence through services like brand design and strategy, social media management, social growth, SEO, website development, creative, paid media, lead gen, and automation. Their key goal is to build credibility through their services and educate other businesses and brands about social media and how they can leverage it.

Capital Status is a blessing in disguise. It was established in 2020 while Lovitt experienced medical issues. The thought of breaking away from the shadows and starting her marketing business came up, and that’s how it was born. “I want Capital Status to stand out all over the world. I came up with the name with my family in mind. Most people relate “capital” with money. I see it as our “crown jewels”. “Status” refers to the growth in value of our most prized possessions. We want to help others and empower them to market their brand to achieve their greatest success,” Lovitt concludes.  Capital Status is truly the crown jewel of luxury marketing.

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