Casper Labs, IBM launch Prove AI auditing solution on watsonx platform

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Blockchain-based Casper Labs will integrate with “wastonx.governance” to provide enhanced security, access and versioning.

Casper Labs, IBM launch Prove AI auditing solution on watsonx platform

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Blockchain software and services provider Casper Labs will integrate its new Prove AI product with IBM’s “watsonx.governance” platform. Casper Labs CEO Mrinal Manohar announced at the IBM Think conference that Prove AI also has its first design partner.

Prove AI will offer security, version control, multiparty access control, and advanced auditing functions for generative artificial intelligence (AI) training data sets through audit logs. Casper Labs built the solution on its Casper blockchain, which operates across permissioned and permissionless networks. Prove AI “can be added onto watsonx.governance and is fully integrated into the IBM service, Casper Labs explained to Cointelegraph.

“As regulators begin to demand greater accountability from businesses working with AI, there’s a clear and urgent need for businesses to de-risk AI initiatives,” Manohar said. Among other things, Prove AI will make it possible to revert to earlier data set versions to diagnose hallucinations, bias and other performance issues.

The AI governance solution was developed in conjunction with IBM Consulting in a deal announced in January. It was designed to leverage IBM’s existing analytics and policy enforcement capabilities. Governance may involve compliance with legislation such as the European Union’s AI Act, passed in March, or standards set by industry regulators.

Prove AI’s first “design partner” will be GreyscaleAI. The California-based firm builds and manages inspection systems for the food, drink and medicine industries by using high-resolution X-ray imaging and AI algorithms to identify packaging errors and unwanted materials in products.

GreyscaleAI will use the beta version of Prove AI. The full-scale Prove AI launch is expected to take place in the third quarter of 2024.

Source: Casper Labs

It was also announced at IBM Think that the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority was partnering with IBM to integrate its ALLaM Arabic text generation model into watsonx. IBM expects to replace up to 7,800, or 30%, of its back-end workers with AI in the next five years.

Casper Labs launched its blockchain in 2020, moving over from Ethereum. In 2021, Casper Labs issued its native CSPR token, which has attracted avid investor interest. CSPR reached a year-long trading high of $0.056 on Jan. 4 and traded for $0.030 at the time of writing on May 21, with $10 million in volume and a market cap of $355 million.

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