Chang Yu Hung on the Secrets to Doubling Your Investment Portfolio

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The high cost of living has made it really difficult to survive with just a 9-5 job. Most 9-5 jobs do not pay that well. Without an extra source of income, you have zero savings after paying the bills, which means you will probably have to work until you die. This was Chang Yu Hung’s life three years ago. Chang Yu Hung is an IT expert and worked as a technical support representative for several years.

While he enjoyed his job, Chang did not make  much. At one point, the company had an opening for an analyst, and he decided to apply. Chang was lucky enough to get the position, and he assumed his life would improve as the new job came with a 60% pay  increase. But this dream was quickly shattered. The company agreed to hire Chang as the analyst but kept him at the same salary ‘to save expenses’.

Looking back, he says this experience was the beginning of his journey out of the corporate world, which was fueled by another instance of discrimination. Chang became the best analyst in the team three months after getting the job. He worked hard with the hopes of getting promoted to manager in the next opening, but the department manager rejected his application for no valid reason. Chang decided to leave his job and look for a way to make money online. Fast forward to 2022, and Chang is one of the top appointment setters for several 7 figure entrepreneurs and achieved financial freedom working remotely.

He now shares his journey and how others can leverage the digital space to grow passive income.

Social media is a great money-making tool that can help you easily double your investment portfolio, says Chang. He invested in the digital space, learning more about the different platforms, and how you can monetize your accounts.

He took Jason Capital’s IG Agent course, which taught him some tricks. After Chang completed his course, he saw a job opening for an Instagram agent at Jason’s agency. He applied for the job and got it. Chang went on to become the top closer within five months and was promoted to account leader. He grew an account from $30K/month revenue to $72K in 2 months.

He managed accounts for various clients, including Sam Bakhtiar, Nick Santonasstaso, and Elliott Hulse. Chang also worked as a setter and closer in Elliot Hulse and Jay Shetty’s accounts. His skills as a support rep and knowledge of the digital space helped him grow his income and brand, cementing his spot in the industry.

Chang helps brands and personalities standardize their setting prices to consistently book 5-7 calls a day. He has a marketing agency, ALLCK Company, which helps businesses reach their target audience.

Chang also shows others how they can escape the 9-5 by teaching people how to be great closers and appointment setters. He went from a 9-5 that barely supported him to making thousands as an appointment setter and digital marketing specialist.


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