Dorsey Hunstiger of LAG Agency Shares Top Advice on Personal Brand Growth

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In this day and age of “virtual” personalities, personal branding is the key to success. People screen you online before engaging with your business, and unless your brand is solid, you may lose potential clients. A strong personal brand helps you stand out and build a trustworthy community. It also establishes you as an authority in your niche and creates new opportunities. How, then, do you build a strong personal brand? Dorsey Hunstiger of the LAG (Leads Are Great) Agency shares his tips on personal brand growth.

Dorsey Hunstiger is a celebrated digital marketer and personal branding strategist. At 17, Dorsey established his brand as an authority in the digital space and entrepreneurship and is now helping others do so. Through LAG Agency, Dorsey helps small business owners, brands, and personalities grow their online presence. He is leveraging his tech savvy, social media skills, and network to achieve this.

LAG Agency has one of the largest influencer networks in the world and has served more than 3000 agencies.

Here are five tips for building an outstanding personal brand, according to Dorsey Hunstiger:

  • Find your brand story/ build your foundation

“Your brand should be a representation of who you are and what you do, from the brand’s mission, vision, personality, and message,” says Dorsey. It should include your skills and expertise and give your audience a reason why they should work with you or buy from you.

For your brand to stand out, Dorsey recommends narrowing down your specialty and picking what you are best at. This gives you an upper hand in the highly competitive entrepreneurial world.

  • Choose your target audience.

Not everyone is your ideal client. Also, according to Dorsey, you can never please everyone. Therefore, to build a solid personal brand, you must identify your target audience and generate content that is attractive to them.

  • Build your website/ blog and optimize it

A website is essential to personal branding and is the perfect platform to showcase your expertise and personality. To get more people to interact with your brand, Dorsey recommends optimizing your website after building it and your social media profiles.

  • Be genuine

Authenticity is crucial in building a solid and profitable personal brand, as it affects your relationship with the target market and potential clients. Dorsey explains that many customers look at the brand’s authenticity before supporting it. When your brand does not represent you and your business, generating leads and converting them into sales becomes difficult.

  • Be Consistent

According to Dorsey, consistency is one of the most important things you can do for your brand. It’s what keeps people coming back to see what you’re up to, and it’s also how they know that you’re a good person to work with.

Dorsey goes on to say that you should be consistent not only in your posts and brand story but also in how you think about yourself. If something isn’t working out or has been unsuccessful, don’t just throw it away; instead, use this time as an opportunity to learn from mistakes so that next time around it will be better.

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