Father says gunman became ‘evil angry’ after mother’s death

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Shooting victim Brian Fraser remembered at vigil in Grosse Pointe, Michigan

From CNN’s Sara Smart

A photo of Brian Fraser shared by his fraternity Phi Delta Theta.
A photo of Brian Fraser shared by his fraternity Phi Delta Theta. (From Phi Delta Theta)

A vigil for Brian Fraser, one of the students killed in a mass shooting at Michigan State University, was held Tuesday evening in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

Two other people were also killed in the shooting. Fraser, a native of Grosse Point, was a sophomore at the university.

During the vigil, St. Paul on the Lake Catholic Church was full of people from the community, with even some standing along the side walls.

Students and peers of Fraser’s could be seen embracing one another during the church service.

CNN’s Cara-Lynn Clarkson contributed to this post.

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East Lansing mayor calls for legislative action to make it harder for “dangerous individuals” to obtain guns

From CNN’s Sara Smart

Ron Bacon, mayor of East Lansing, Michigan
Ron Bacon, mayor of East Lansing, Michigan (CNN)

East Lansing Mayor Ron Bacon said the community is working on starting to rebuild after Monday night’s mass shooting on Michigan State University’s campus.

“It’s simply terrifying,” Bacon said. “I feel for our children and young people,”

The mayor called for legislative action, including making it harder for “dangerous individuals” to obtain weapons.

“We now have a complete generation that has grown up with this, many times over, from elementary school all the way up to now,” Bacon said. “They live with this the entire time.”

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Video shows tense moment as Michigan State students barricade themselves inside classroom

From CNN’s Sharif Paget

(Courtesy Joshua Thomas)
(Courtesy Joshua Thomas)

Tense, scary and chaotic was how Michigan State University student Joshua Thomas described his experience hunkering down in a classroom with dozens of students as a gunman went on a deadly shooting spree Monday night.  

Thomas was in the school’s STEM building on the first floor when he and other students received an email from the university about an active shooter. 

“That’s when everyone started to panic,” Thomas said.

Thomas, and a group of about 15 other students, went up to the third floor, looking for a place to hide. He said someone stuck their head out of a classroom and signaled for them to come inside. 

“Right after we got in, they barricaded the room with the tables,” he said. Thomas said there were around 75 students in the room.

“We were hearing noises of people moving around – and with every noise everyone would go silent. It was such a tense atmosphere, and no one knew what to do,” Thomas said.

After about four hours, the students heard a knock on the door and saw someone waving a flashlight. Students believed it could’ve been a police officer, but they were not sure, so one student called 911. On the phone, the dispatcher told them that officers were not on the third floor yet, so they kept the door shut.

In a video shot by Thomas, students are seen in a classroom with the lights turned off as someone shining a flashlight approaches the door and knocks. Someone inside the classroom is then seen walking over to the front door to remove a table that was being used as a barricade. 

“Sit down, I’m talking to the cops right now,” a student can be heard saying in the video. “They said don’t open the door,” another student yells. 

Thomas said the person did not open the door and the students stayed in the classroom for another 40 minutes before the police arrived.

“I never thought it would happen to me, I always felt safe on campus. I love this place, but after this, my sense of security completely dropped. I do not feel safe,” Thomas said.

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Mass shooting and manhunt were a “double trauma” for students, Rep. Slotkin says

From CNN’s Jack Forrest

Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin
Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin (CNN)

The mass shooting and manhunt on the Michigan State University campus Monday night were a “double trauma,” Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday.

“And everyone felt the effects. Over 50,000 students are here, so it’s a traumatic thing that’s going take a while to get over,” said the Democrat, who represents East Lansing, home of the MSU campus.

Many students spent the night holed up in their rooms following the traumatic incident, she said.

“Now, we’re starting to see a few folks come out and want to be together. They’re planning vigils, taking action, planning protests. They’re starting to come out,” Slotkin said.

The broader Michigan community, many with connections to MSU, have offered an outpouring of support, Slotkin said.

Many Michiganders believe a person can be a gun owner, an avid hunter, “grow up with weapons the way I did – and still believe in keeping kids safe in a place of sanctuary like a school.”

Slotkin added: “People on the ground know you can believe in gun ownership and gun safety, they’re not mutually exclusive.”

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2 victims went to high schools in same district, superintendent says

From CNN’s Sara Smart

 Jon Dean, superintendent of Grosse Pointe Public Schools
Jon Dean, superintendent of Grosse Pointe Public Schools (WDIV)

Two of the Michigan State University victims went to high school in the same district, Jon Dean, superintendent of Grosse Pointe Public Schools, said at a press conference Tuesday.

Arielle Anderson and Brian Fraser graduated in 2021 from Grosse Pointe high schools, according to Dean. Anderson attended Grosse Pointe North and Fraser attended Grosse Pointe South.

“This event that has touched our nation, is now touching directly our community,” Dean said.

Both schools are offering mental health opportunities for all students, teachers and staff, according to Dean.

“How is it possible that this happened in the first place, an act of senseless violence that has no place in our society and in particular no place in school,” Dean said. “It touched our community not once, but twice.”

Grosse Pointe is in Wayne County, about eight miles from Detroit.

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Police identify third victim killed in Michigan State University shooting

From CNN’s Sara Smart

Arielle Anderson
Arielle Anderson (Family photo)

Arielle Anderson, a junior, is the third victim of the shooting at Michigan State University, according to a statement from the university’s police department.

Anderson is from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, the statement said.

The other two victims were identified earlier as a sophomore, Brian Fraser, also from Grosse Pointe, and a junior, Alexandria Verner, from Clawson, Michigan.

The five other victims of the shooting remain in the hospital in critical condition, the statement said.

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Authorities are still investigating a motive behind the MSU shooting. Here’s what you should know

From CNN staff

A day after a mass shooting on the campus of Michigan State University, authorities are investigating the motive for the rampage that left three students dead and five others wounded Monday night.

The gunman, who according to police had no known ties to the campus in East Lansing, Michigan, died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

If you’re just now catching up, here’s what you should know:

The victims: Brian Fraser and Arielle Anderson, both from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, and Alexandria Verner, from Clawson, Michigan, died in the mass shooting Monday night, according to an MSU police news release. Verner was remembered by Clawson Public Schools Superintendent Billy Shellenbarger for her kindness, positivity and for being “everything you’d want your daughter or friend to be.”

MSU response: The first report of shots fired came at 8:18 p.m. ET from Berkey Hall, an academic building on the northern end of campus. Officers responded to the building within minutes and found several shooting victims, including two who died, according to MSU Interim Deputy Police Chief Chris Rozman. Immediately after that, another shooting was reported at the nearby student union building, he said. That’s where the third slain victim was found. As news of the mass shooting spread, anxiety permeated the campus as the gunman remained at large. A shelter-in-place order went into effect, MSU’s interim president Teresa Woodruff said.

Harrowing scene: The deadly rampage forced students to jump out of windows and run for their lives. Graham Diedrich, a graduate student at Michigan State University, recalled being in the library and using furniture with other students to barricade themselves in a room during the rampage. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said her children, who are MSU students, are “shaken up” after the shooting.

The gunman: Authorities are still trying to figure out what prompted Anthony Dwayne McRae, 43, to conduct the shooting rampage. According to a source familiar with the investigation, McRae had a two-page note in his backpack that referenced other shootings. His father, Michael McRae told CNN his son became bitter, isolated and “evil angry” after his mother died from a stroke two years ago. The gunman’s sister told CNN her brother was socially isolated. McRae also has a criminal history with weapons, and police say he “had a history of mental health issues.”

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Parkland shooting survivor gives advice to Michigan State students on how to cope with latest tragedy

From CNN’s Sara Smart

Aalayah Eastmond, a survivor of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
Aalayah Eastmond, a survivor of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (CNN)

Aalayah Eastmond, a survivor of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, said she is feeling angry and frustrated at the news of another mass shooting, this time at Michigan State University on Monday.

The shooting in Parkland happened five years ago on Tuesday. Now Eastmond is trying to help students cope with the latest tragedy. She said she is confused about why America is “still dealing with this issue of gun violence.”

Her advice to those at Michigan State is to lean on a support system.

“Being with your community and healing together is really how you get through something like this,” Eastmond said.

Eastmond is the co-founder of Brady Campaign’s Team ENOUGH Program and she is currently traveling with the Never Again Tour, which marks the anniversary of the Parkland shooting with other survivors and victims’ families.

“If anything students are even more at risk for the issue of gun violence,” Eastmond said, “We see legislators focus on things that are not as important when the leading cause of death in this country for young people is gun violence.”

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Shooting victim Alexandria Verner remembered for her kindness and positivity

From CNN’s David Williams

Alexandria Verner
Alexandria Verner (Clawson Public Schools)

Alexandria Verner, one of three students killed in Monday night’s shootings at Michigan State University, is being remembered for her kindness, positivity and for being “everything you’d want your daughter or friend to be.”

Clawson Public Schools Superintendent Billy Shellenbarger said “her kindness was on display every single second you were around her.” Shellenbarger is friends with the Verner family and has known Alexandria, or Alex, as he called her since she was in kindergarten.

He said he’s talked to her family Tuesday and “they’re being about as strong as a human being can be in the face of this tragedy.”

Shellenbarger was the principal at Clawson High School in Clawson, Michigan, while Verner was a student there. She graduated in 2020. 

Shellenbarger said Verner was a fantastic three-sport athlete in volleyball, basketball and softball, was an excellent student and was active in many leadership groups at the school.

“She was amazing. She was everything you would want your daughter to be. She’s everything you’d want a student to be. She’s everything you’d want in a friend, sister,” Shellenbarger said.

He sent a letter to families on Tuesday informing the community of her death and offering resources for students. Shellenbarger said Verner touched a lot of people in Clawson, Michigan, which he described as a small community.

“So to lose her on this planet, let alone our small community. It’s tough. And it’s going to take a while to recover, but to have known her for the duration of time that we all have, once again, is a gift to all of us, for sure,” he said.

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