How acclaimed composer Hans Zimmer got to write a crypto theme song

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Hans Zimmer, the iconic movie composer, can now add the wild world of crypto to his expansive list of compositions after collaborating with Tron to create a theme song for Web3. 

On April 16, the Tron blockchain announced that it would have its own anthem, composed by Zimmer, brought to life through a lengthy collaboration and exchange of ideas and Web3 values with founder Justin Sun.

The track, titled “The Tron Anthem — a song for the Web3 generation,” has classic Zimmer touches. It’s a musical world of epic and dramatic proportions that blends electronic music with traditional orchestral arrangements.

Zimmer has composed music for some of the biggest contemporary blockbusters, including Interstellar, DuneThe Dark Knight and Gladiator.

But what exactly does it take to compose an anthem for a living and evolving digital community? Cointelegraph talked to Sun about creating music with Zimmer that reflected the values of the Web3 space and received an exclusive quote from the composer about his vision.

According to the announcement, this theme song has been in the works since the beginning of 2022, when the Tron founder and Zimmer opened discussions for the project. Sun said that a joint endeavor of leveraging music as a “catalyst for communication and collaboration” was at the heart of the talks.

“Hans’ unparalleled creativity and influence make him a natural ally in our quest to harness the power of music to not only showcase who we are but also to attract diverse talents and capabilities to the Web3 ecosystem.”

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Sun said the overall mission was to help foster mutual understanding within the Web3 community, catalyze industry-wide collaboration, and propel the community toward an innovative future.

Music as a medium to showcase ideas, and represent themes or communities is one of the most accessible ways to bring in audiences.

“Blockchain technology has unlocked a new frontier of digital collaboration, transcending geographical boundaries, time zones, languages and cultures,” Sun said. “In pursuit of these goals, we recognize the transformative power of music. It serves as a universal language capable of bridging gaps and fostering connection.”

In an exclusive quote for Cointelegraph, Zimmer described a sense of what Web3 can invoke and how we can even approach it:

“Everything that the Western world certainly is built on is a legacy code of the Industrial Revolution. Our education systems are built around that, our government is built around that etc. And once the internet happened, I don’t think we really knew how to use it. I think we need to free ourselves from those philosophies and those restrictions.”

This is not the first instance of music being used as an instrument to unite communities and foster inclusivity in the Web3 space.

In the past, nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have been used as a form of micro-philanthropy to open up new funding avenues to classical musicians outside the limiting legacy institutions.

Web3 has also been able to bridge genres together through new musical collaborations through NFTs and metaverse performances, in addition to creating new means of connecting musicians to their communities.

The musical collaboration is yet another connection between the worlds of music and Web3 and points toward a more mainstream understanding of the importance of the emerging decentralized space.

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