Incorporating This Simple Activity Into Your Daily Routine Can Boost Your Productivity, Creativity and Business

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After experiencing burnout in 2017 due to excessive work, I turned to daily long walks in nature as a form of recovery. This simple yet profound activity has since become an integral part of my routine, not only aiding in my personal health but also significantly benefiting my business.

In this article, I’ll share the most valuable insights I’ve gained from making daily walks a cornerstone of my lifestyle and how it has positively impacted my business.

Now, I’ll walk you through my six key takeaways on how incorporating daily walks has transformed not just my health, but the way I do business.

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1. Generating ideas

One of the most transformative benefits of my daily walks has been the surge in creativity they’ve sparked, leading to some of my brightest ideas. For instance, the names of my two blogs, and, were both conceived during these peaceful strolls. This phenomenon isn’t just a personal experience; it’s supported by research. A Stanford University study found that participants’ creative output increased by an astonishing 60% while they were walking. This demonstrates that the simple act of taking a walk can be a powerful catalyst for generating ideas, even in the most unlikely settings.

2. Improvement of cognitive function

That’s our ability to clearly think, learn and remember. Beyond sparking creativity, daily walks significantly enhance cognitive function — our capacity to think clearly, learn new information and retain memories. Engaging in regular physical activity, such as walking, has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain, fostering neural growth and reducing the risk of cognitive decline as we age. This improvement in brain health is pivotal for entrepreneurs and business professionals, who rely on sharp cognitive abilities to make decisions, solve problems and innovate.

Incorporating walking into your daily routine can thus be seen as an investment in your brain’s long-term performance, ensuring that your mental faculties remain robust and agile, ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities that come your way.

3. Vitamin D and productivity

Adopting daily walking habits has significantly boosted my productivity in two distinct ways. Initially, the anticipation of my daily walks motivated me to complete tasks more efficiently, avoiding the tendency to stretch them out unnecessarily. More importantly, there’s a scientific basis for this increase in productivity. Regular walking not only refreshes the mind but also enhances cognitive functions, allowing for quicker problem-solving and better task management. This habit has transformed how I approach my work, making my daily routine not just more structured but inherently more productive.

This research shows that Vitamin D significantly affects work productivity. By studying over 10,000 healthcare workers, it found those with Vitamin D levels above 40 ng/mL were more productive than those below 20 ng/mL, who experienced lower energy, focus and ability to perform tasks. This highlights Vitamin D’s importance for both physical and cognitive health at work.

Therefore, to boost productivity, it’s essential to maintain adequate Vitamin D levels. Being outside even on a cloudy day can provide more Vitamin D than staying indoors and relying on sunlight through a window.

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4. Creating a draft for an article (via voice-to-text)

Creating articles represents one of the primary tasks to which I allocate my time. Indeed, the process of article writing becomes much simpler with a well-structured outline and a clear topic in mind. I’ve adopted the practice of using voice notes for sketching out article outlines. By hitting the record button, I dedicate five minutes to verbally outline all the elements I wish to cover in the article.

It’s quite remarkable to notice the seamless flow of thoughts and speech when you’re moving, in stark contrast to the stumbling blocks encountered when sitting down.

5. Listening to audiobooks and podcasts

Incorporating audiobooks and podcasts into my routine has been a transformative experience, particularly during my daily walks. This habit has allowed me to delve into a wide array of subjects, from business strategies to personal development, all while staying active. The beauty of audiobooks lies in their ability to turn walking time into a dual-purpose activity: Not only do I get the physical benefits of exercise, but I also engage my mind in learning and inspiration.

6. Online meetings

I’ve always had a preference for in-person interactions, finding that, in many cases, online meetings could be efficiently replaced by an email or a brief Loom video. However, I acknowledge that this is a personal preference and understand that many people thrive on online meetings as their primary mode of communication and collaboration. To adapt and ensure I still work effectively, I began scheduling my online meetings during my walks outside. This adjustment has not only allowed me to maintain my walking routine but also engage in necessary digital interactions. With the advent of 5G technology, concerns about internet connectivity have become a thing of the past, making it seamlessly possible to connect and converse while enjoying the outdoors.

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In conclusion, integrating daily walks into my routine has not only been a journey of personal health and creativity but also a strategic adaptation to enhance my business processes. From generating groundbreaking ideas and improving cognitive function to listening to audiobooks and business podcasts, and even reimagining the way I conduct online meetings — each step taken outdoors has contributed significantly to my professional success and well-being.

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