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SumoPuppy by David Biedrzycki

A funny and read-aloud worthy sequel to the best-selling SumoKitty brings two unlikely friends together in this hilarious dog-meets-cat adventure perfect for pet lovers.

SumoKitty has taken on an apprentice–but can this eager puppy truly learn the ways of a feline?

SumoKitty tries his best to teach an eager but undisciplined puppy the feline ways of catching mice. But this rambunctious newcomer doesn’t seem cut out for the job. She drools, snores, and chases away the mice with her constant barking! Can she find a place in the sumo stable–and in SumoKitty’s heart?


SumoKitty has gone from being a stray to becoming a necessary part of the heya by chasing away the mice who scare the rikishi. But who can he pass his skills onto? At first he’s dubious about the exuberant puppy who was found on the street. Will Chanko-chan be able to learn how to get rid of mice? Or is there another way for her to find her place there?

It’s a found family, sumo wrestling style! Kids can learn about a sumo stable, some Japanese culture and language and that we all have different talents and ways of being part of the group. B

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Where in the World Are You? by Marie G. Rohde

A colorful, joyful, and playful exploration of our world, and our place within it.

Where are you in the world? Can you imagine what your home would look like if you saw it from above and zoomed out further, and further, and further…? Join the mischievous pet cat on a journey of discovery that encourages young readers to think about their place in the world. Inspired by the feeling of being trapped inside and imagining the world beyond during the worldwide lockdowns, this enjoyable picture book reminds us that even when we are apart, we are all connected. The world keeps turning, a cat keeps purring, and children will find their happy place in the world.


Using different colors, changing fonts, and images, children (and adults) can follow where the playful kitty is. Starting under a wobbly table, the images progressively show a table, room, apartment, house, street, city, continent, world, solar system and finally universe. Take your time and enjoy all the images and don’t forget to check and see at the end what our kitty brought home and left on the wobbly table. B

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Feeling Grateful by Kobi Yamada

“From the New York Times best-selling author-illustrator team behind the gift book Finding Muchness comes an all-ages tale about discovering the joy gratitude brings.

“This day will never happen again. Everything is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Give thanks in this moment. And this moment. And this moment. And all your moments going forward.”

Follow a wonder-struck bear cub on a day of adventure, which includes dancing in the rain, gazing at gophers, and attempting handstands on the forest floor. Every page of this heartwarming gratitude book is an invitation to slow down, look around, and fully appreciate each tiny, miraculous moment. With magical simplicity, it’s filled with timeless life lessons to hold close during any season.


Charmingly illustrated and filled with advice to savor the moments and be kind, this is an uplifting read. And yet, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was reading an endless number of those inspirational posters found in Hallmark stores and hung on countless college dorm room walls. There’s really nothing new here but still the world could due with a healthy number of us reading books like this and actually learning something from them. B

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