John Driscoll

In a recent podcast episode with The Serial Entrepreneur Show, John Driscoll, the Founder and CEO of Naked Development, opened up about his personal views on what entrepreneurial success truly means. His definition is simple yet profound—freedom. But John’s idea of freedom might not be what you typically hear in the business world.

For John, success isn’t just about accumulating wealth or owning luxurious items, though those can be nice. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of freedom in both time and financial aspects, which ultimately allows for a balanced life filled with work and play. This approach gives him the liberty to pursue projects that are not just profitable but also enjoyable.

“Freedom of time, freedom of money,” John explains, highlighting that true entrepreneurial achievement lies in the ability to control these two crucial aspects of life. It’s not about the cliché of getting rich but about harnessing the ability to manage one’s time and financial resources in ways that align with personal values and desires.

John passionately shares that the moment work stops being fun, he’d rather step away than compromise his happiness. This statement might seem bold, but it underscores a core belief that many successful entrepreneurs share: if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, it’s hard to consider it a success, no matter the financial gains.

What makes John’s perspective particularly refreshing is his candidness about the realities of entrepreneurship. He acknowledges the allure of “nice cool stuff” that money can buy but clarifies that these are not his primary motivators. His main goal is to maintain an enjoyable and sustainable work-life balance, where he can be as enthusiastic about his play as he is about his work.

This approach by John Driscoll not only defines his leadership at Naked Development but also serves as an inspiring reminder for all business leaders and entrepreneurs. Success can be measured in various ways, but personal fulfillment and freedom are metrics that offer a deeper sense of achievement and satisfaction.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, where the pressure to continuously perform can be overwhelming, John’s focus on enjoyment and personal freedom is a beacon for those feeling bogged down by traditional metrics of success. His advice encourages other business professionals to reflect on what truly matters to them in their entrepreneurial journey.

Listeners of the podcast and readers alike can take a leaf out of John’s book to reassess what entrepreneurial success means to them. Perhaps, like John, more individuals will start prioritizing their happiness and freedom over conventional indicators of success, leading to not only more fulfilled entrepreneurs but also more innovative and passionate contributions to the business world.


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