Grandad's Pizza

For over a quarter-century, Grandad’s Pizza has been a staple in the Columbus, Ohio community. Founded in 1997, the family-owned business has built a reputation for mouthwatering pizzas, friendly service, and a commitment to providing a welcoming atmosphere for its patrons.

Four Locations Serving the Greater Columbus Area

With four locations conveniently situated throughout the city, Grandad’s Pizza ensures residents are never far from a satisfying pizza fix. Customers can choose from their Grandview, Hilliard, Bethel, or Morse Road branches, each offering the same dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

A Menu Packed with Flavor

Grandad’s Pizza boasts a diverse menu featuring an array of pizzas to tantalize any taste bud. From classic pepperoni and sausage to gourmet options with unique toppings, they cater to a variety of preferences.

Beyond Pizza: A Well-Rounded Selection

While pizza remains their specialty, Grandad’s Pizza also offers a tempting selection of other menu items. Customers can enjoy delicious appetizers, refreshing salads, and satisfying pasta dishes, making it a perfect spot for a casual and enjoyable dining experience.

Community Focused

As a local business, Grandad’s Pizza prioritizes giving back to the community they serve. They actively participate in local events and initiatives, solidifying their commitment to being a valued member of the neighborhoods they call home.

Looking Ahead: Continued Growth and Dedication

With a loyal customer base and a commitment to quality and service, Grandad’s Pizza appears poised for continued success. As they celebrate 27 years of operation, the future looks bright for this family-owned business.


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