Panera settles lawsuit for $2 million. Here’s how to file a claim.

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Panera Bread is paying $2 million to settle claims that the sandwich chain mislead customers about the cost of delivery orders. Under the settlement, some customers can file a claim that could provide them with food vouchers or cash.

In agreeing to settle the lawsuit accusing Panera of misleading people about delivery fees and menu prices, the company did not admit any wrongdoing. 

The settlement comes on the heels of a similar case involving Chick-fil-A, which agreed to pay $4.4 million to settle allegations that the chicken sandwich chain advertised free or low-cost delivery but then hiked food prices on delivery orders by as much as 30%. 

Panera did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Privately held by German investment firm JAB Holding Co., Panera operates more than 2,000 eateries across the U.S. and Canada.

Who is eligible to file a Panera claim?

Those eligible for compensation in the Panera settlement must have placed an order for delivery in the Panera app or on its website from October 1, 2020, to August 31, 2021. 

How do I file a Panera claim?

You’ll need to file a claim before by June 10, 2024, according to the settlement website.

Some people who are eligible for a claim may have received an email alerting them about the settlement. To verify your status as an eligible party, you’ll have to enter the code in the email at this site.

What will I get from the settlement?

People who make a claim can opt for either two vouchers of $9.50 each for items from Panera’s “Soup & Mac” menu, or to receive $12 through PayPal, Venmo or another electronic payment service.

The figures could go down, based on how many people take part, according to to settlement site

When will I get the vouchers or cash?

The vouchers or payments are scheduled to be sent within 60 days after a court certifies the settlement, with a hearing set for May 31.

Kate Gibson

Kate Gibson is a reporter for CBS MoneyWatch in New York.

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