ParaFlight is Enhancing the Corporate Travel Experience with


CEO Sim Shain and ParaFlight Aviation have been innovatively meeting the urgent medical transportation needs of people across the world. Having made great strides in helping individuals medically, the company now looks toward serving those in the corporate world. While implementing a number of services for clients traveling for urgent business or personal matters, ParaFlight has also announced the launch of its new app,, which is created to streamline the process of connecting clients with operators and pilots who can assist them. With the app, clients will be able to request and book a private jet in a matter of minutes, providing a fast and efficient solution to their travel needs.

A Mission to Serve

 Sim Shain founded ParaFlight with a mission to provide urgent reliable and high-quality transportation. Though originally created to supply emergency medical transport services, the company now seeks to share its resources with those in the corporate world. With a focus on respecting the traveler’s time and prioritizing the client’s comfort, ParaFlight offers on-demand air transportation that businesspeople can use to work flight times around their work schedules.

Introducing a New Application for Corporate Travel

A branch of ParaFlight includes, an app that can be used to provide OPOs and transplant centers with both air and ground transportation. The app utilizes a nationwide network of jets, helicopters and emergency transport vehicles that are always on call and ready to transport organs, transplant teams, recipients, or family members. Learning from the success the ParaFlight has had with, the company now looks to launch a similar tool for its corporate side, an app called that would connect operators and pilots to individuals traveling for business or other personal reasons.

ParaFlight’s upcoming app will serve as an extension of the corporate services offered by the company. With it, clients may schedule flights quickly and conveniently with access to a wide range of aircraft, from light jets to heavy jets, based on their needs and preferences. One of the unique features of the app is its “Uber-like” service, which allows operators from around the world to sign up and participate in supplying travelers with readily available air transportation. This makes for a mutually beneficial arrangement for both pilots and travelers. Operators and pilots are able to find more work, and individuals can easily find the nearest and most convenient options for their specific travel requirements. can be used for just about any type of air transportation need. Whether it be helping loved ones get home for family emergencies, delivering computer servers across the country, or simply helping a lawyer reach a deposition, the app provides a fast and efficient means to get people and things where they need to go.


The launch of the app is a significant step for ParaFlight Aviation. With, the company enhances its corporate side of its business through offering an efficient and convenient method to book time-sensitive flights. The innovative steps taken by the company keep Sim Shain and ParaFlight poised to provide even more reliable and efficient transportation services to clients across the globe, further cementing its reputation as a first-class air transportation company.

To learn more about Sim Shain and his work, find him on LinkedIn at For more information on ParaFlight and their services, go to their Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages, or visit their website at ParaFlights newest app,, is expected to launch July 1, 2023.



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