Review: The Girl Whose Luck Ran Out ( Ben Ames Files #1) by Gayleen Froese

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Can a disillusioned former cop track down a missing girl before it’s too late?

Seven years ago, criminologist Ben Ames thought he’d change a big city police force from the inside. He failed. Now he’s a private detective trailing insurance frauds and cheating spouses through the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Like police work, the job would be easier if he didn’t have a conscience.

When university student Kimberly Moy goes missing, her sister begs Ben to take the case. But before Ben can follow up on any leads—What does the Fibonacci series have to do with Kim’s disappearance? What do her disaffected friends know? And where is her car?—chance and bad timing drop his unexpected ex, Jesse, into the mix.

Ben doesn’t have time to train Jesse into the junior PI he seems determined to become. Amateur sleuths are always trouble. Unfortunately, this is turning out to be the kind of case that requires backup, and his intuition is telling him Kim’s story may not have a happy ending….


Dear Gayleen Froese,

I got this book on Kindle Unlimited and it worked really well for me. Partially because I am the kind of m/m reader who prefers to read not *pure* romance. Oh I really like a romance storyline if it’s well done, but I can easily get bored if the main characters spent all their time on page mooning over each other and they have no jobs and no other interests to spend their time doing.

The bottom line is, for me this book achieved a happy medium – the mystery which is investigated by the main character, a PI and our narrator, Ben Amos and a second chance romance with his ex Jesse.

Of course I also think that this book was really well written, to me Ben and Jesse came alive on page and I found their second chance romance to be believable, because too often when two exes reunite after many years I roll my eyes when apparently all they were secretly doing for a couple of decades was to see each other again. Seven years in this book for me was I guess a shorter period of time to buy that their feelings for each other were still strong enough, and regardless it was just shown convincingly for me. I do wonder though what Jess being a rock star will do to their romance.

I also thought that Ben made a believable private investigator, although of course I don’t have first hand knowledge of what it means to be a PI, but going around talking to people sounds more real than constantly getting into trouble while chasing bad guys.

As the blurb tells you in this book, Ben is trying to find a missing young woman. I cannot tell you what came out of this search, but I liked how it was done, even if I thought the answer to who was the villain was both straightforward and a little out of nowhere. Isn’t it how it supposed to be though? If you keep trying to find the answer and investigating and putting aside the possibilities you will eventually run into the correct one.

I am looking forward to the next books in the series.


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