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The sins of Adam Hardesty’s past have been discovered. And if he does not hunt down his blackmailer quickly, his secrets will be revealed to all. But there is an obstacle in his way: sensation novelist Caroline Fordyce. She knows that Adam’s quest for justice could shatter her own reputation—and mire her family in lethal scandal. And she fears what he may find….

Together, they will navigate the shadow side of London, venturing into an underworld of cutthroats, connivers, and illusionists. And as the mystery grows ever deeper and the danger circles ever closer, they must guard not only their secrets but their lives and hearts as well.


Dear Amanda Quick,

Your older books had become comfort reads for me over the years, but for some reason until recently I was unable to find this story again, because all I remembered was that the heroine had two aunts raise her and the aunts were really a couple and that is actually the main reason why I wanted to review this story.

Usually when I see your stories and don’t recall if I read it, I buy it and I was very pleased to see that this was the book I was looking for.

I feel like since this is an older book I should be able to talk about the actual story more freely, but I will try not to.  I mean, if you have read this writer’s books previously you should expect to see a strong woman and a man who while attracted to her, usually is quite respectful during the courtship and their romance/affair. It depends on the story of course, but I think this writer does a very recognizable “type” of hero and heroine overall.  I am not complaining, usually I do like it quite a bit as I did here.

I thought Caroline was wonderful, even without the fact that she had to overcome the scandal in her past, I respected her quite a lot for being able to make a living as a writer of “sensationalist novels” during her times and yes, I quite adored both Emma and Milly, who raised Caroline since she was little. Unfortunately there is nothing more explicit about their romance (and I don’t mean sex, I mean them showing their love for each other), but what I saw was nice and appreciated since once again the book seems to be written two decades ago (publication date is listed as 2005).

I liked Adam too and appreciated touches of humor in him as well (I mean, how do you react if the woman you love decides that you will make for a good muse – but for the villain, not for the hero in her story).

Of course there is a prominent murder investigation storyline which is usually (and I would argue here as well) used for the potential couple to get closer during the investigation.  I was not too surprised by the main villain (mostly because there were not many choices), but the author managed to surprise me with the secondary one.

Grade: B.

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