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Some people might think Emily Seymour was a bit prim and proper. Emily preferred to think of herself as sensible. Unfortunately, all the good sense in the world could not stop Emily from falling in love with Professor Renier Jurres-Romeijn. The professor barely seemed to notice her, though. He was too busy making plans for a winter wedding. But who exactly was his intended bride?


Looking for another seasonal Neels book, I found that I had this one along with “A Christmas Proposal” in a duology. Again, it’s more that a lot of the book takes place in December and we do get a massive Dutch holiday celebration of open house, drink parties, Christmas Eve party, Christmas day party, Boxing Day party, New Year’s Eve party, grandma birthday party – so yeah our heroine Emily gets lots of use out of the new wardrobe she was (luckily) able to buy before she headed over to our hero’s stately family country home in Holland.

Emily Seymour is a bit of a mix between a Neel’s heroine with a nursing job at which she is very good and a little match-girl who has a family that has loaded her down with responsibility. Older sister Mary and her husband George (who is mysteriously detained in some foreign country due to his job) have left their twins (Claire and William – 8 months old) with middle sister Emily who had worked at a London hospital. But thinking the twins need fresh air, Emily has ditched her job there, gotten another at a new built hospital outside of London and now lives in a pokey semi-detached house along with 18 year old Louisa who seems set on making a living as a model (she’s the pretty one). By the end of the book I wanted to reach through my ereader and slap Louisa who is a selfish little beeyotch.  

Emily overhears two surgeons at work talking about her for a special nursing job. One describes her unflatteringly and our girl feels some rage at this. But she’s a pro and doesn’t toss a bedpan at him. Soon Professor Renier Jurres-Romeijn is rethinking his opinion as Emily is darn good at what she does. Yes, she yanks her brown hair into a bun and wears dreadful clothes but wow, can she dance at the hospital ball. She also juggles a full time job, taking care of the pokey house and the twins with minimal help from the Dreadful Louisa. 

After dazzling him with her nursing skills, Emily makes it plain that she is Not Interested in the Professor being kind to her and lets slip that she overheard him earlier. But she does appreciate his kindness in getting the canteen help to bring her a dinner tray after he kept her busy for almost all of her dinner break. He also helps save the day when the first Medical Emergency occurs due to the Dreadful Louisa and later when something happens in Holland. Renier is a good man in a crisis. 

What he is not good at is making his feelings Really Plain. But then Emily is just as determined to Ignore Fate and return to carving out a career in nursing in London. What to do? Well no one appears to know what will entice Emily into believing that Renier is head over heels in love with her as she does “grow on one.” Even grandma’s diamonds “which will go to Renier’s wife at her death” don’t tempt Emily into spilling her thoughts on love and matrimony. And Emily keeps “flinging Heleen (beautiful wanna be other woman) in his face. In true Neels fashion, Renier must get masterful to win his bride.  B      

~ Jayne

Emily sat up, but he pushed her head gently against his shoulder. ‘We must make a few plans, my love; we’ll marry just as soon as I can arrange it.’ 
‘But what about Mary and George—and the twins. . .?’ 
‘If you think that I am prepared to wait until the twins are old enough to be your bridal attendants, then you are grossly mistaken, Emily. Now sit still, dearest, while I tell you what a beautiful girl you are.’ 
Emily sighed blissfully into his shoulder. It seemed likely that she was going to be rushed down the nearest aisle without so much as a new hat on her head, but somehow it didn’t matter at all. She said in a happy voice: ‘I’m listening, Renier.’ 


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