Roaring Kitty’s GameStop gains soar to $300M, billionaire status near

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Roaring Kitty, one of the main orchestrators of the GME saga, could be on track to becoming the first GME billionaire if the pump continues.

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Roaring Kitty’s GameStop gains soar to $300M, billionaire status near

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GameStop (GME) stock could make Keith Gill, known as “Roaring Kitty,” the first GME billionaire as soon as this week while short sellers are bleeding.

Gill, the trader widely credited with kickstarting the GameStop saga, is currently up over $300 million in his GME position.

Provided that GameStop’s rally continues, Gill could become a billionaire as soon as this week, according to a June 3 X post from The Kobeissi Letter:

“Roaring Kitty” is currently up over $300 million in his $GME position. The stock has now added $5 BILLION of market cap today alone. He could become a billionaire this week.”

The prediction follows an over 74% price surge for the GME stock in pre-market trading on Monday, according to Google Finance data.

GME/USD, one-day chart. Source: Google Finance

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Roaring Kitty reveals $180 million GME position

Interest in the GME stock was renewed this week after Gill posted on Reddit that he is holding $181.4 million worth of GME stock and call options, according to a June 2 post.

Roaring Kitty, GME position. Source: Reddit

Gill’s screenshot revealed that he purchased five million GME shares for $115.7 million and put $65.7 million into call options, betting that GME would be at least $20 a share on June 21.

GME stock price is up over 25% in the past five days and over 40.5% during the past month, trading at $23.13 as of 11:45 am UTC.

GME/USD, one-month chart. Source: Google Finance

When the first GameStop short squeeze started in 2021, GME stock soared over 1,000% within a month.

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GME short sellers are getting “wrecked”

Short sellers of GameStop are getting “wrecked,” took a month-to-month loss of approximately $1.4 billion, according to a May 30 X post by financial data provider S3 Partners.

Citron Research was the latest large firm to announce its short GME position, according to a June 3 X post by The Kobeissi Letter.

“Citron Research was the latest short seller to announce a short position. On May 16th, Citron announced that they are short $GME again. In 2021, Citron lost over $100 million shorting $GME.”

In January 2021, Citron Research was forced to close out its short GME positions at a loss due to the retail buying frenzy kickstarted by Gill.

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