Safeguarding Your Vehicle: How to Prevent Car Jacking

Expert Tips from Auto Theft Buster Jonathan Meyer


In a world where vehicle theft is a constant concern, safeguarding your precious asset is of paramount importance. Meet Jonathan Meyer, the visionary founder of Auto Theft Buster, who brings over four decades of personal security and safety expertise to the table. With extensive experience in auto theft prevention, insurance claims handling, and a background in martial arts, Meyer is on a mission to empower car owners with the knowledge to thwart carjackers effectively.

Unveiling the Strategies

Carjacking, a harrowing ordeal that no one should have to experience, is a reality that demands proactive measures. According to Meyer, a blend of wisdom gained from his auto theft examination days at Geico, his martial arts training, and his experience as a valet parker has led him to formulate foolproof strategies to prevent carjackings.

Drawing from his martial arts background, Meyer emphasizes the importance of being mindful of your surroundings. Just as a martial artist needs to stay vigilant to avoid threats, drivers should stay aware of their environment to deter potential carjackers. Meyer advises keeping windows up and doors locked while driving, especially in unfamiliar areas or at stoplights.

Protecting Your Key FOB

Modern car theft methods have evolved, with hackers targeting electronic key fobs to gain unauthorized access to vehicles. Meyer recommends safeguarding your key fob signal to prevent hackers from exploiting it. He suggests using a signal-blocking pouch or wrapping your key fob in aluminum foil when not in use to block the signal and prevent remote entry.

The Tesla Key FOB Anomaly

Watch This Video of Auto Theft Buster Breaking Into A Tesla!

Meyer’s expertise extends to even the most sophisticated car technologies, such as Tesla key fobs. He highlights a unique aspect of Tesla key fobs – using the wrong key fob can grant access to another Tesla vehicle, but the car won’t start. This insight underscores the importance of staying vigilant and understanding the nuances of your car’s security features.

Jonathan Meyer’s journey from auto theft examiner to a personal security expert has led him to create Auto Theft Buster, a beacon of hope for car owners seeking effective preventive measures against carjacking. His blend of auto theft examination, martial arts, and valet parking experience has resulted in a comprehensive strategy to keep vehicles safe. Through his expert insights, Meyer empowers car owners to take charge of their vehicle’s security and drive with confidence.


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