Sydney Sweeney Reveals She Paid Off Her Mom’s Mortgage: ‘I Always Dreamt of Being Able To Take Care of My Parents’

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Actress Sydney Sweeney’s recent movie, “Anyone But You,” hit a milestone of more than $200 million at the box office. Now the 26-year-old is disclosing how she’s using her financial success to pay back to the people she owes it to the most — her parents.

“I recently paid off my mom’s mortgage,” Sweeney, 26, told WhoWhatWear. “As a kid, I always dreamt of being able to take care of my parents, so that was a really big thing for me to be able to do.”

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Sweeney says her family is close and when she has time off, she hops on a flight home to Spokane, Washington. She also spends her time with her parents Lisa and Steven Sweeney who are divorced.

“I try to incorporate [my family] into my life as much as possible, whether it’s talking with my cousins every other day or going home,” she said. “My quote, unquote success didn’t come until I was in my 20s, so my parents didn’t really get to [experience it with me].”

Sweeney has not disclosed what she makes per episode on the hit HBO drama “Euphoria,” but noted in an interview in July 2022 that she couldn’t afford to take time off from work.

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“If I wanted to take a six-month break, I don’t have income to cover that,” she told The Hollywood Reporter at the time. “They don’t pay actors like they used to, and with streamers, you no longer get residuals. The established stars still get paid, but I have to give 5% to my lawyer, 10% to my agents, 3% or something like that to my business manager. I have to pay my publicist every month, and that’s more than my mortgage.”

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sweeney is worth an estimated $10 million.

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