This Texan Doctor Says He Wants To Be His Patients’ “Last Resort” And Here’s Why

Otherwise known as Doc, Dr. Bharat Sangani is a cardiologist, mentor, and motivational speaker whose eclectic personality is changing people’s lives in more ways than one.


Dr. Bharat Sangani has no problem admitting that the majority of his patient’s don’t like his advice. Ironically, that’s one of the reasons why he’s so successful at helping them. With over 30 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Sangani is straightforward, full of wisdom, and does everything in his power to help his patients reach their goals, even if they don’t like it at first.

“I usually want to be the guy that’s someone’s last resort after they’ve tried everything else,” says the doctor. “My views, thoughts and actions are somewhat radical.” In a world where there is room for no error, Dr. Sangani’s methods help people completely change their lives.

“Being a physician, people come to me from a health perspective all the time. They would like to know if they have a disease, and whether they are getting the right treatment or not. One of the big ones is weight loss, and the other big one is relief from addiction, primarily smoking. So those are the top level questions I get. Most of them don’t like my answers, but I know that they will all eventually come back, because there aren’t really any magic pills that solve those problems.”

He continues, “I’m not the answer for the day you found the problem and you think, okay great, Doc is the guy I want to go to because he is going to take out his magic wand and fix everything overnight.”

“I don’t have a magic wand. What I have is common sense and experiences that I can impart to my patients, and that’s not easy. You need to believe, trust, devote time, and also know that temporarily, there may be discomfort.”

That’s why Dr. Sangani prefers people to come to him after they’ve already tried everything and  “are ready to jump off a cliff, metaphorically speaking.” Because once you’ve tried everything, there is no more fear, and you are willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goal – whether it is to drop 30 pounds or stop smoking permanently.

“There is no treatment for fear,” continues the doctor. “Once you decide that the rope that is sitting on the floor is a snake, there’s nothing you can do. Even if somebody picks up that rope, and shows you that it’s a rope, you may still think of it as a snake. But what you can do something about is common sense, and application of the knowledge that we acquire through it.”

Dr. Sangani’s no BS approach has paved the way for him in the medical world. Today, he is more than just an accomplished physician, but also a motivational speaker, and entrepreneur dedicated to positively impacting people’s lives in any way possible.

Aside from practicing medicine, Dr. Sangani is also the founder of a Dallas-based investment and development firm called Encore Enterprises and the Founder and CEO of Life is a Business Mentorship program.

Since making his first investment in 1991, Dr. Sangani has built a successful firm with a proven track record across multiple sectors throughout the United States. He is responsible for nearly $2.9 billion in real estate transactions for Encore, and oversees every aspect of the business, from operations to financial management.

Dr. Sangani is a seasoned entrepreneur who is not afraid to do things differently. That, in addition to his experience in medicine, makes him one of the best people to go to if you rally want to make measurable change in your life.

Through his new mentorship program, Dr. Sangani empowers people to acquire happiness in three key areas of life – health, wealth and wisdom.

“On the wealth side, a lot of people who come to me have accomplished something in their life and now they are struggling with how to scale it up. So far they have, for lack of a better term, winged it, and they’ve been successful in some things but they’ve not been that successful in others, and so I offer them my expertise,” he says.

Unafraid to step in as an interim CEO when needed, Dr. Sangani helps individuals and companies implement a strategic plan, advises other CEO’s to go in the right direction, and creates a 20 or 25 year wealth creation program for his clients. Additionally, he offers an advisory program on a yearly basis through which he’s available to answer individual questions or offer guidance via email.

“People don’t want to hear about quitting smoking, stopping eating, or that they’ve made the wrong choices in business, and so one of the biggest things that’s a part of the mentorship program is that you really have to commit to it,” he says. 

If you are someone who feels like they’ve tried everything but are not ready to give up, contact Dr. Sangani today and sign up for his mentorship program! Alternatively, you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube for more information and advice.

“I can’t save a dead patient, but give me the sickest patient you have and I’ll bring them back to life,” he concludes. 


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