Top 15 Innovative Brands And Individuals To Watch For In 2023

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Remaining afloat in a post-Pandemic world can be a daunting task. In a world rife with inflation, social injustice, and nations suffering unimaginable war-torn crises, the following brands and individuals not only created a platform for personal growth, but also a model with which to aid those broken by the aforementioned traumatic events. 

These pioneers of change are reshaping the global landscape in a way that the outside world looking in can take inspiration and motivation to do the same.

These are the Top 15 Innovative Brands And Individuals To Watch For In 2023:

  1. How Uber, The Go-To Transportation Provider, Is Expanding Its Reach 

What started as an American mobility service provider based out of San Francisco California, Uber is now a worldwide company available in more than 80 countries. Uber took the world by storm and has since expanded to other verticals.  

In 2014, Uber launched UberEats, an online food ordering and delivery platform that has become the most popular food delivery service internationally. In 2018, Lime, a motorized scooter rental system, joined Uber to further capitalize on its transportation services. And in 2020, Uber launched Uber Connect and Uber Direct to connect users to more of what they need. 

Uber has grown exponentially and now offers services for ride-hailing, food delivery, package delivery, couriers, freight transportation, electric bicycles, and motorized scooter rentals.

The ride-hailing giant has its sights set on more acquisitions and continues to expand its business.

Visit Uber’s website to learn more about its services.

  1. Find Sleep, Relaxation, And More With The Free App Insight Timer 

Insight timer is the #1 free app for sleep, anxiety, and stress. The app offers more than one hundred thousand guided meditations led by some of the best teachers from Canada and around the world. 

Insight Timer makes meditation convenient, easy, and engaging. Apps of the Year Winner for TIME magazine and Women’s Health, the app also provides sleep music tracks led by the top meditation and mindfulness experts, neuroscientists, psychologists, and teachers from Stanford, Harvard, the University of Oxford, and more. 

Millions of people are learning to meditate to help manage stress, calm the mind, and get a better night’s sleep. Whether a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Insight Timer has something for everyone. 

The extensive free meditation library also features live events including yoga, mood tracking, private mentoring, and workshops. 

Start the 30-day free trial to access the premium version, Member Plus, by signing up on their website

  1. Nvidia, The Revolutionary Tech Company, Is Taking The Software Industry By Storm

Since 1993, NVIDIA, an American multinational technology company incorporated in Delaware, has been a pioneer in accelerated computing. Based in Santa Clara, California, the software company is the inventor of the GPU (Graphics Processing Units), which has become one of the most important types of computing technology for both personal and business computing. 

The full-stack computing company is transforming industries such as gaming, healthcare, and transportation. With 30 years of innovation up its sleeve, NVIDIA is profoundly impacting society by taking on the world’s greatest challenges. 

The global leader in artificial intelligence hardware and software, NVIDIA also designs application programming interfaces (APIs) for data science and high-performing computing and system-on-a-chip units (SoCs) for the mobile computing and automotive market. 

From climate change to life-saving healthcare, the company’s revolutionary breakthroughs are changing the world for the better. 

Find out more about NVIDIA’s work by visiting their website

  1. The Master Of Manifestation: Regan Hillyer Is Helping Her Clients Achieve Their Dreams … On Their Terms

Regan Hillyer has mastered the craft of manifestation and has fully tuned herself to spirituality, earning the title of the World’s #1 Female Manifestation Expert And Teacher.

Founder of Regan Hillyer International and with over 15 years of experience, Hillyer is running the world of manifestation. She helps people achieve what they want on their own terms and in whatever way that may look like for them through online training, live events, and speaking. 

In addition to creating one of the world’s most successful manifestation techniques – the Energetic Architecture Method™, being an accumulation of everything she has learned over the years – Hillyer also has multiple books available to the public, including: Change Your Life In 3 Minutes, Be Your Brand, and Activating Abundance: Fifty-Two Codes to Unlock Abundance in Every Area of Your Life, Hillyer makes her expertise available for all to acquire.

  1. Shallan Ramsey Is Changing The World Of Menstrual Hygiene In The Best Way

Founder of MaskIT, Shallan Ramsey, is taking the menstrual care industry by storm with her revolutionary products. Ramsey has created a way to modernize menstrual item disposal with the creation of a product that reduces exposure risks in public washrooms and safely seals menstrual items within a glove-like bag. 

Sustainability has been at the forefront of the company Ramsey has built; from 100% plant-based disposal bags to their partnership with OneTreePlanted.

Her drive to challenge the societal norm of menstrual disposal practice is inspiring and is already changing the lives of menstruators everywhere. 

The MaskIT disposal bag improves cleanliness, reduces toilet paper usage, and is scent free to provide privacy and confidence for menstruators everywhere. 

In addition to life-changing products, there are helpful resources on their website for those wanting to educate themselves about MaskIT’s mission.

  1. Seasoned Entrepreneur Oliver Pott Knows What It Takes To Be Successful In A Visible Economy

Oliver Pott, Ph.D., serial digital founder, professor of entrepreneurship, and best-selling author knows what it means to be successful in business. The established entrepreneur is also the co-owner of the Bundesliga Soccer team SC Paderborn and also co-owns the soccer stadium in Germany. 

Pott lives by the 3F Rule, a term he coined for achieving and attaining success. Fun, Fame, and Fortune are the keys to his personal success, something he learned early on in his career. He is a serial digital founder and owns and operates several businesses around the world including PestPatrol, a highly successful anti-virus software that generated millions in revenue. 

Pott is well-versed in the business world and after decades of experience is sharing his knowledge to help other entrepreneurs make smarter business decisions.

Pre-order Oliver Pott’s international bestselling book, “Visible!” today to learn his tips to achieve success through high-value visibility.

  1. Portable and Secure: LockDocs is the Client Data Platform for Frictionless Investing 

For financial institutions seeking to offer a truly frictionless client experience, LockDocs takes a novel approach.

Beyond streamlining the process of collecting and maintaining client data, LockDocs gives ownership of identity data back to the consumer. In an industry where the endless filling of forms is the norm, LockDocs saves consumers from this tedious task and provides full transparency about their data sharing.

LockDocs caters to fund managers, wealth managers, investment banks, and more. Despite the complexity of the problem, their solution is simple – the platform is easy for financial institutions to adopt and even easier for clients to use.

For financial institutions, adopting LockDocs means significant savings in both time and money, as well as improved data security and compliance. For their clients, the platform facilitates a quick and frustration-free investment experience with all data conveniently located in one place.

Visit LockDocs’ website to learn more.

  1. EarthHero: The Online Sustainable Shopping Platform Bringing Ease To Earth-Conscious Living

EarthHero, the Premier Eco-Friendly Online Marketplace, is the answer to simple, sustainable shopping! Founded by Ryan Lewis in 2017, EarthHero’s mission is to take the guesswork out of an environmentally conscious lifestyle by offering a vast selection of ethically-sourced products all in one place.

The virtual shelves of offer thousands of sustainable products, each thoroughly researched and intentionally selected through their 5-Pillar Sourcing Methodology. In addition to providing the highest quality products ranking “best-in-class” for company values, sustainable materials, and packaging, EarthHero supports inclusion by ​​actively seeking brands that are female, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ owned.

Shopping from EarthHero not only brings peace of mind from reducing waste and carbon footprints but as a Certified B Corp and 1% for the Planet Member, their impact is magnified by donating %1 of all sales towards sustainability initiatives and organizations.

Create a sustainable world and a brighter future with

  1. Paul Stankiewicz And The Team At Paul Marks & Co Account For Innovation

A business is only as good as its accountants. That’s why great businesses turn to the team at Paul Marks & Co – the Wimbledon-based firm of Chartered Accountants led by Paul Stankiewicz.

Paul Marks & Co doesn’t just serve innovative clients driving the future of tech, engineering, and other industries – the firm itself employs the latest resources to save clients time, money, and headache. Their cloud technology ensures accuracy while making collaboration with their clients a breeze.

Easy to work with and steadfast on the numbers – London small businesses have freed up time, saved on taxes, and grown their business in council and collaboration with Stankiewicz’s top-notch team. Clients consider the firm an organized, efficient, and invaluable extension of their innovative businesses.

Paul Marks & Co can account for your future – dial 0(800) 689-3084 for a discovery call.

  1. Inteligex Is Serving Traders Through Empowerment And Mentorship

Inteligex is on a mission to help people learn to trade and improve their trading. It’s common knowledge that Traders can trade profitably no matter what the markets are doing and their goal is to help them do that.   

This is achieved by providing proven, award-winning, class-leading, trade signals and indicators supported by education and coaching to empower Traders to improve their trading performance.   

Inteligex’s proprietary technology mimics the thinking of top traders and is similar to that used in hedge funds and large financial institutions. Complex math analyzes the markets in real-time and sophisticated machine learning algorithms then identify high-probability trades along with entry and exit points.

Learning is made simple via a 3 Step Process supported by comprehensive training and coaching from the Inteligex team of experts.

  1. Aidan Bowers Is Leading Young People To Live The Life They’ve Always Dreamed Of 

Aidan Bowers is an inspiration to younger generations. 

After attending the prestigious Louisiana State University, the 20-year-old quickly realized that the typical college experience wasn’t what she had envisioned for herself. Rather than pushing through it and disregarding her true passions, she decided to forge her own path.

Though she left the standard learning system, Bowers continued her self-discovery journey. 

When Bowers came across the World’s #1 Female Motivational Speaker Natasha Graziano, she immediately knew that she wanted to share her story with her on the big stage.

 After just a few months of visualizing and taking inspired action, her dream manifested. 

Even at a young age, Bowers knew she was destined for greatness, and following the traditional steps in life was not part of her journey. 

“Vulnerability is beautiful,” Bowers says. “No one truly cares what you’re doing,” so take that leap and follow your dreams. 

  1. Make Way For A GroundBreaking Revolution In The Digital Wellness Industry

For those seeking a healthier overall lifestyle, the addition of the world’s first digital wellness supplement, Lightbody is here to protect you from the inside out.

Thanks to the prolonged use of technology, we may have to counter many factors that substantially impact users’ physical and mental health. But fear not. Lightbody™, a superhero in the growing domain of holistic health, is here to provide you with a solidified solution.

Spearheading the revolutionary movement are women-led digital wellness experts from DefenderShield®, who have successfully developed high-quality capsules filled with only the purest formulas by working alongside the world’s top biologists, chemists, and supplement formulators for over a decade.

As they circle you like an aura, allow these brightly colored nutritional supplements to target body imbalances at the cellular level.

From a Total Eye Health + Blue Light Defense Supplement to a Cellular Defense Multivitamin, make the change with Lightbody™ today.

  1. Stock Market Master: Karl Dean Is Here To Help Others With His Financial Expertise

The stock market can be a confusing place, but Karl Dean provides the clarity clients need in order to get properly acquainted with stocks in a safe way. 

Founder of DarkPool Trading, Dean’s passion is to mentor and train others about stocks and the stock market. From successfully navigating the market to making profits in order to be financially free, Dean’s guidance is just what clients need in order to safely play the market. 

Adults are not the only clientele Dean accepts either; he also teaches children – including his own – about the stock market and gives them a headstart into a financially free life.

With over twenty-five years of experience, Dean is an expert in the technical analysis of stocks and uses that knowledge to help others in educating themselves about the stock market as well. 

  1. Transform Your Business From Burnout To Resilience With Beverly Beuermann-King, Founder Of Work Smart Live Smart

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a 25% increase in anxiety and depression globally which led to 52% of workers feeling burned out. Organizations are witnessing the toll of mental health challenges and are in need of help. 

Founder of Work Smart Live Smart, Beverly Beuermann-King assists companies to shift from being stressed and burnt out to engaged, mentally healthy, and resilient, without the fluff.

Beuermann-King has been in the industry for over 20 years using her S-O-S Principle™ which helps people and organizations control their reactions to stress, build resiliency against life’s challenges, and live healthy, engaged lives. 

Beuermann-King is a two-time president of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers-Toronto Chapter, a CAPS National Board Member, part of a Global Speaker’s Community, and a successful author of STRESS OUT! 

If your team needs stress and resiliency strategies that actually work, reach out to Beverly Beuermann-King by visiting her website to get started.

  1. Cathy Corrigan’s Rockfleet Grows Beyond Traditional Financial Services

Our world is evolving – and so are the strategies for getting the most out of your money. This is why CEO Cathy Corrigan, founder of Rockfleet Financial Services, continues to expand on the acumen and services that the firm offers its clients, who include public and private companies, individuals and families, RIAs and family offices, and government agencies.

A full-service broker and dealer, investment advisor, and municipal advisor, Rockfleet’s team has cemented a reputation across the country for quality advice – with insight from both traditional and alternative investment perspectives that keeps clients ahead of the game when it comes to a changing economy.

Corrigan’s firm does so much more than what you’ve come to expect out of financial services. Developing fintech systems that help founders raise capital and bring stability to gig economy workers through wealth generation – Rockfleet takes an innovative approach to working with innovative people. Find them here.

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