‘Bizarre’: Apple Users Report ‘Irritating’ Mystery Bug That’s Been Resetting Apple ID Accounts Without Explanation

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If you’re having issues with your Apple ID this week, you aren’t alone.

An unknown outage is reportedly affecting Apple users who were logged out of their Apple IDs over the weekend and forced to do a password reset before regaining access to their accounts.

The outlet 9 to 5 Mac reported that some users had been signed out across all of their devices and that their usual passwords had stopped working.

Users on X and Threads have been reporting the strange reset, prompting questions about whether it was a bug — or something worse.

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Seems at least some of us are experiencing issues with our iCloud/Apple ID accounts where we have to reset our passwords and re-login.

Anyone else?

— Dave Hamilton (@DaveHamilton) April 27, 2024

Apple just demanded I enter my AppleID password, then after doing so it requested my phone passcode,

then locked my account and demanded I reset my AppleID password

Bizarre pic.twitter.com/pFGazqXGP1

— Not the Droid you’re looking for (@FiveOhFour) April 27, 2024

Hey @Apple : I’ve been unable to access my Apple TV+ account now for almost a month. It says my ID/PWD are invalid even though I did not change them. When I try to do a password reset, I go into a doom loop where I’m told that you can’t verify my identity and must call me.

— Mike Weed (@RealMikeWeed) April 29, 2024

Exactly this happened to me tonight. Had to jump through all sorts of hoops to reset my Apple password, and it turns out I have ZERO “significant locations” learned. Now fixing all the apps (like Calendars 5) that need Apple ID access. Irritating… https://t.co/m61XgG22Qv

— Stephen Fleming (@StephenFleming) April 27, 2024

The issues reportedly started around 8 p.m. ET on Friday and continued into the weekend.

As of Tuesday morning, the Apple ID section on Apple’s System Status page was reported available and functioning as normal.

One user on Threads claims that an Apple representative told them that there were “no issues” with iCloud login when they explained the situation.

As of Tuesday afternoon, users seem to have been able to skirt the issue by resetting their passwords, but the ordeal presents a slew of issues for users with multiple Apple devices.

For those who have Apple’s Stolen Device Protection turned on, which adds an extra layer of security to iCloud accounts if your device is stolen, it can take an hour or more to reset passwords or perform certain functions if the device is away from a familiar location.

For example, if you were on vacation and tried to reset your password to log back in after being prompted, you wouldn’t be able to do so due to security delays.

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Moreover, all app-specific passwords stored in your Apple ID will also be reset, prompting what could be a massive headache when logging into the apps again.

Apple has yet to address the reported outage and did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur’s request for comment.

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