Master Sri Akarshana Will Help You Find Your Purpose and Live Abundantly

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He is a Spiritual Master who teaches that a purposeful life is gained through serving others, and our greatest need is to be of service to others.


Every human eventually lands on the deep questions, “Why am I here, and how can I have abundance in my life?” The quest for answers can be quite an adventure! Meet Master Sri Akarshana, sometimes referred to as the “Yogi with a Lamborghini,” no stranger to searching for answers to life’s big questions. Hard work paid off for Master Sri Akarshana when he was a young adult, but he discovered that a life filled with money is not necessarily a purpose-filled life.  

Master Sri Akarshana tried the accumulation route; acquiring expensive houses, yachts, cars, but it did not spare him from depression and strong feelings that something was missing. Long story short, a life-changing trip into the Himalayan Mountains over a decade ago where he invested heart, mind, and soul in training with Grandmaster Akshar – a famous Yogi, ended up being transformational for him. 

Master Sri Akarshana has a faithful band of followers, growing exponentially, as he continues to be actively engaged as a public speaker, teacher, thought-leader, author, and world-changer. Globally, over 40 million followers tune in to his talks, attend his events, and follow his lessons. 

Master Sri Akarshana says, “I believe humans are spiritual beings in a physical and material environment. Wealth and happiness are by-products of having a full experience of spiritual AND physical beingness. It is important to lead with love, and the most powerful way to do this is through giving.” He and the I Am Creator team offer the “Creators Circle.” Their website states: 

“At I Am Creator, we believe everyone has the ability to live a healthy life: The Health of the Mind, the Body, the Soul, and the Wealth; to live a life of ABUNDANCE, for themselves and their families. We are here to support people to be able to fulfill a level of abundance in their life and to guide them while they find their own worthwhile path.”

Master Sri Akarshana has a lot to say on the subject of purpose: “If you want to be living in purpose, you have to be purposeful. If you are purposeful, it means you are being of purpose. When are you being of purpose? There is no other way to be of service than to be helping, contributing, and serving others. A human’s highest need is the need for contribution.”

In a video on the I AM Creator home page, Master Sri Akarshana says, “Imagine one place where the most beautiful souls around the world unite on a platform for like-minded individuals to learn, grow, and make an impact in this world.” In almost every video, every social media post, and every page of the I Am Creator website, his message is that we can connect with our own purpose and abundance. He proposes the path requires a balance between a spiritual and material mindset and offers open arms and an open heart to anyone who would like to find a home in the fellowship I Am Create offers.  Master Sri Akarshana practices what he preaches in offering to others what he has learned. Sri’s smile is irresistible as he says, ‘Everyone is welcome. Come and sit with us in I Am Creator. Stay for a short while or a long while. Find your purpose and begin to experience the abundance you are destined for.”  


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