Tyler Wagner And Authors Unite – Publishing Groundbreaking Best Sellers And Making Dreams Come True

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Authors Unite founder, Tyler Wagner, is an author and successful podcast host who wants to help as many authors as possible. Authors Unite whittles the publishing process down to size so that clients can proudly cross the finish line with a book they are proud of

Reading continues to be a favorite hobby of people around the globe. It introduces us to new places and interesting people. Through books, we gain knowledge, advice, entertainment, enlightenment, and transformation. Thousands of people write fiction and nonfiction books each year, sharing their stories, experience, encouragement, instructions, and creativity. Tyler Wagner founded Authors Unite, a full-service publishing company, to help writers navigate the tricky and unfamiliar territory of publishing and launching a book. Without the support of a company like Authors Unite, many writers fall short of their publishing and book sales goals. Simply put, authors want an audience of readers. They have a message to share and are passionate about sharing it.

Authors Unite allows authors to select from an array of services, including editing, writing, launching, publicizing, and bolstering social media coverage. The organization provides as much or as little help as an author requires. What sets the company apart from its competition is successfully getting books into the hands of large numbers of readers quickly. This positive exposure translates into opportunities beyond book sales, such as business growth and public speaking invitations. 

A publishing package with Authors Unite includes a custom book cover created by a world-class designer, professional interior layout, paperback, and eBook formats, full coordination of publishing details for Amazon launch, printing, and distribution through major online retailers. Authors keep 100% royalties and 100% ownership of the book. Editing, marketing, writing assistance, and social media enhancement are also available. Authors Unite offers a wide array of publishing options to satisfy every author’s palate.

Writing a book from start to finish is akin to a couple deciding to have a baby. They plan, shop, dream about their child and get the nursery ready. They can hardly think or talk about anything else. Like expectant parents, authors also have their work cut out for them in birthing a book. There are so many layers involved in taking a book from the idea stage to successful book sales. Most authors need support with various parts of the process. Authors Unite helps clients clarify their goals and the timeline for achieving them. The company has a proven track record in getting hundreds of books onto bestsellers lists, something every author dreams of. With greater visibility, books are discovered, and authors get the acclaim they deserve.

About a decade ago, when Tyler Wagner was a young twenty-something, he wrote Conference Crushing: The 17 Undeniable Rules On How To Network, Build Relationships, And Crush It At Networking Events Even If You Don’t Know Anyone. His book made it onto the Amazon Best Sellers list, and his email inbox filled up with inquiries from everyone in his network who had been thinking about writing a book. They wanted the skinny on how he achieved that feat. The entrepreneur in Wagner came to the forefront and recognized his opportunity to found a business that combined expertise and passion in a way that could serve other writers. In 2014, he launched Authors Unite and has provided hundreds of clients with book publishing services.

“We at Authors Unite believe that by helping authors succeed, we are helping the world to succeed,” says Wagner. “When I help an author, there is a trickle-down effect. If their readers take action on what they read, inevitably that helps everyone.” Wagner’s long-range goal is to help as many authors as possible. 

Wagner has recorded hundreds of podcasts on his show, The Tyler Wagner Show, which he describes as “conversations with interesting people.” The show is available on most podcast platforms, and its guests are incredibly successful and varied in their backgrounds. Wagner has been a keynote speaker many times, but he is truly in his comfort zone in the one-on-one feel of speaking with guests on his show.

Scores of authors are featured on Authors Unite and Wagner’s Instagram, smiling, holding copies of their books, and singing praises for the company’s assistance with their book launch. “It is so gratifying to help people reach their book publishing goals,” says Wagner. “I get so much satisfaction from providing clients with published books they are proud of.” 

Tyler Wagner is one of the lucky ones who was able to match his natural interests and expertise with clients’ needs and, on that basis, built an extremely successful business. Imagine all of the people he has helped, making their dreams come true. Writing a book is indeed a complicated process. Authors Unite takes on the giant and whittles the process down to size so that clients can proudly cross the finish line. If publishing a book is on your bucket list, Authors Unite is the company for you.

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